Can You Find The Naked Woman Hidden In This Picture?

A naked woman is hidden in this picture. Can you find her?

How sharp are your eyes? Could you look at a landscape and spot a person hiding? Most of us would probably say “yes” without a second thought, but in the work of Jörg Düsterwald, things aren’t always what they seem. At first glance it appears to be a nice picture of a beautiful autumn scene. An old gate, a mighty oak, some colorful foliage and a naked woman! Most people can’t spot her but she’s there. Take a closer look: Don’t scroll down…..

German artist Jorg Dusterwald is responsible for this model’s gorgeous body paint as well as the captive photograph. This image has gone viral, but not for its alluring beauty. It’s stumping Internet viewers across the globe as a woman is hidden within it, but only those with an above average I.Q. are said to be able to spot her within 8 seconds. Did you find her almost immediately, or did it take time?

She’s hidden there at the base of the tree, disguised by some very clever body paint. Just look at the details in her chest, leg and even hair! The colors and textures Düsterwald chose are on point.

A naked woman is hidden in this picture. Can you find her?
A fantastic blend of nature photography and body painting by the artists Jörg Düsterwald and Tschiponnique Skupin.

Düsterwald from Germany, has been combining body-painting with photography for over 20 years. Although “body-painting” may seem exotic, you’ve probably come across it once or twice without even knowing it. Many of our favorite aliens or creatures from movies are body-painted, most notably Mystique from X-Men.

What Düsterwald does, however, elevates the medium to a fine art.In this series of photos, Düsterwald is working with a photographer Tschiponnique Skupin and a model Nadine Tschiponnique, who offered to paint her body from top to bottom with the goal of passing unnoticed in this landscape of Lower Saxony, Germany. If you’d like to see more of Düsterwald’s work, head over to his website or Facebook page. But for now, grab your glasses and sit back. It’s time to hunt for the elusive woman hidden in 11 photos. If the first one has you stumped, don’t worry – they get easier, but no less mesmerizing.

This is an astonishing piece of body painting art where the human bodies are submerged with nature without being noticed at some place. Let’s see if you can find those ‘some places’.

No, I am not out of my mind. No, I don’t have a weird fetish for logs. Take a close look at them and you’ll see why I think this stack is so beautiful and amazing. Do you see it now? Yeah.. told you.

Artist creates amazing body painting camouflage. Find the rock beauty in this following picture. At first, these images may seem like nothing more than shots of mountain and country scenes. But they actually all feature a model who has been cleverly disguised with paint to almost disappear into the background.

Today, the majority of society is disconnected from the earth. We waste precious resources, pollute water and air, cut down forests and disrupt entire ecological systems. Maybe, just maybe, Düsterwald is asking us to remember that our bodies rely on the earth – if we don’t treat it right, we’ll disappear right along with it.

Can you spot the woman in these pictures. This is art of the highest order, a fantastic symbiosis out of nature photography and body painting by the artist.

This work is a treat for the eyes and mind! Did you find her? What looks like a simple photo is actually intricate art.

Can you see the model here? Once your eye finds her, it’s one of those you can’t un-see … but until then, she’s blending in beautifully.

Bodypaint artist blends model into country scenes. She took it to another level altogether. Marvelous. Wait.. you don’t see it? Take a closer look. Nice, huh?

Düsterwald brings his body paint to the photography site. After he finds the perfect location, many adjustments need to be made to get the shot just right.

Here is the wonderful effect once more. See if your perception is more finely tuned now: Artists are pretty fascinated by nature and it’s beauty. It perfectly complements her natural beauty too. I am talking about the woman in the picture. Don’t tell me you can’t see her. she’s right there giving that tree a nice long hug. Lucky tree.


And he has even more fantastic photos that take a double, or even triple, take to find the hidden people. Why am I looking at this picture of a plain old dirty garage? There’s the mechanic, the broken down car and the tires. Wait wow, this was worth it. Did I tell you home much I love tires? A lot!

This form of art is really fascinating. So share it with all others and show your friends that you have the better eye!

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