Decorate Your Home with Handmade Toran This Festive Season

Deepawali or Diwali is certainly the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals. It’s the festival of lights (deep = light and avali = a row i.e., a row of lights) that’s marked by four days of celebrations. We love Diwali at home and its the time of the year when the whole family get together at one place, celebrating and enjoying. It’s also the time for activities that we do as a family. Be it decorating, cooking, shopping or crafting.

Toran is a decorative door hanging used specifically in India in Hindu culture mostly like garlands of marigold and other flowers. This was later modified by making toran with fabrics or metals mostly in the shape of mango leaves. Mostly bright and vibrant colours are used. These are used for religious and decorative purposes.

The origin of torans can be traced to Puranas (Hindu mythological work). Torans or bandanwaars are used to decorate the main entrance of the home. The main idea behind decorating the homes is to please and attract the goddess of wealth Lakshmiji. So the decoration of the entrance of the place which is called dwaar is also important in this regard. The beautiful door hangings that are also known as bandanwaars and torans have special significance as the decoration accessories. These torans are the first thing that welcomes our guests as they step at your place. These torans not only enhance the charm of the main entrance of your home but also give a friendly welcome. You can decorate your sweet homes forever with these stunning exclusive torans . A special vaastu toran, beautiful satin ribbon toran, a unique tissue toran, and sparkling crystal and beads toran, classic woollen toran, cotton toran, etc. are covered in this category.

The Toran is an intricate art work and hanging torans on the household door is an ancient tradition. Torans is an important part of marriage ceremonies especially in the Rajput tradition. It is believed that it brings radiance to the lives of people. Initially toran making was done by women villagers but has now become a rising trend in household designing across the country.

At Diwali it is traditional to hang an embroidered door hanging or toran, above doorways to welcome visitors and hopefully the Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi to your home. Making Bandhanwar for Diwali decoration at home is very easy and fun filled. You can make Bandhanwars or Door hangings at home with the help of some simple material easily available in the market or you can also find them at home. Just with the help of DIY found on the net specially on youtube you can make creative toran easily at home. Believe me these look so beautiful that you forget about the market door hangings.


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