Welcome to Onkar Craft. We are leading Indian handicrafts manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. We are basically situated in Varanasi, India and we are operating in India only. We come with a wide array of highly beautiful handicrafts in India made by highly skilled and professional team of artisans. Our highly skilled craftsmen are expert in crafting structures using several material including wood, marble, glass, paper, metal, bamboo, lac and others.

We actually focus on high quality products that are not recognized globally. Explore our handpicked collection of gifts online. We love to deliver unique and creative products that leave a positive impact on people and surroundings. We aim to create a collection of the best selling products around the country. Make an ordinary day also special for your friends and family on any occasion by gifting them products from our store.

We being a famous Indian handicraft manufacturer allow our customers to get a wide range of handmade handicrafts. Our handicrafts are loved and admired in every location because of the finishing and beauty associated. We basically deal in wood craft, crochet craft, marble handicraft and other similar products. Our array of handicrafts in India helps enhance beauty of you living or working place, availing a traditional appearance to that. We ensure that all products featured are of the best standards and quality in terms of look, feel, design, craftsmanship and execution

We provide a wide range of product manufactured with inspirations from the traditional Indian handicraft to beautify your living world. Religious products are also availed here in very high quality. Several types of handmade gifts are also offered by Indian crafts catching anyone’s eye easily. Traditional Indian handicrafts and the cultures behind them, directly from the very home of the artisan. The masterpiece is hand made by well versed artisans. Learn and support Indian Handicrafts Heritage.

Contemporary definitions of ancient crafts. Exploring the handicrafts in India. Like our collection? Drop us a message at our “Contact Us” page. We’re really friendly & like to meet new people 🙂