Copper Fengshui Tortoise – Ichha Purti Yantra


This special maha yantra popularly known as the ichha purti kachua (tortoise) yantra is a symbol of lord vishnu and lord kubera and is said to be highly beneficial and auspicious if kept at businesses and work places. Tortoise has a great importance both in Vastu and in Feng Shui. Tortoise has a long life and hence it denotes Long life. Tortoise works as an aid to Vastu correction as it has tremendous power to balance and harmonize the environment around us. It is a fact that our horoscope is affected by the movements of planets and stars and by this our destiny can be affected so to remove all Vastu Dosh from your horoscope you can use this tortoise. This is able to eliminate all dosh related to Vastu. Place this ichha purti kachua (tortoise) yantra at your office, house, factory, so that it is always in front of your eyes. You will then notice the wonderful effects of this maha yantra. This business yantra removes all negative energy and fills your surroundings with immense positive energy. This is blessed by mata lakshmi and lord kuber for abundant wealth and prosperity.

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