Crystal Evil Eye Hanging, Evil Eye Repellent, Najar Raksha


Crystal Evil Eye Hanging is one of the most effective and simple feng shui cures and a very attractive one available  where Buddhism is prevalent. The colour of the Third Eye or Anjana Chakra is adapted to be used as protection from negative energy.  The colorful show piece available for hanging at the entrance , the living room or in fact any place in your home , office or garden is very effective in protecting the place and individuals from catching negative energy. It can also be hung in your bedroom to neutralize the energy here or the children’s bedroom to create a harmonious environment.

People very often mention ‘buri nazar’ or evil eye cast by the viewer which makes the person affected sick, weak, and also leads to loss in business or wealth.  People also hang this cure in the garden or car. There are also some who wear it as neck piece or necklace every time.

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