Handmade Indian Brass Oil Lamp Diya Engraved Design

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Brass oil lamp diya is made by traditional way and brings a touch of Indian style. The handmade Indian brass oil lamp is a traditional oil lamp known as a diya. Used since ancient times as a decoration and a source of light. This diya is an oil lamp that burns vegetable oil or ghee Indian butter. Once the lamp is filled, you place a cotton wick inside and light it to fill the room with light. Handmade Indian brass oil lamp is the perfect thing to place upon your altar or table. You just can’t have a Diwali celebration without oil lamps. You can also use them as decorations in your home in the living room or bedroom or place them on a dining table instead of candles. This Handmade Indian Brass Oil Lamp is fully artisan crafted in India, making it a truly authentic diya. The brass craftsmanship allows the oil lamp to be filled and used again and again, and the design of the diya makes it as safe as possible. The lamp has been carefully hand engraved, giving it a unique texture along its outer rim.

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