Parad Hanumaan Idol, Mercury Hanumaan Murti

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Parad Hanumaan can be worshipped for attaining, power, dominance and prosperity. When Mars is badly placed in one’s chart Parad Hanuman can be worshipped for getting power, authority and vigour. One should remain absolutely pious, clean, pure and follow strict principles of asceticism and self control during worshipping of Hanuman. Worship of this Parad Hanuman can give quick results. This can be used to eradicate the fear of spirits, snakes or animals. This can be recommended for patients in grave pain and also for improving health.

Hanuman is the greatest devotee of Lord Rama and he gave a boon which to be worshipped during all the “Yugas” of Hindu time scale. Lord Hanuman is describing as a monkey holding a scepter or “Gada” which shows courageousness and bravery. Hanuman gives hope, knowledge, fearlessness, and intelligence that are the symbolism of endless devotion. Lord Hanuman has many names as “Mahaveera” (the great hero), “Pavan-suta” (Son of Air), “Bajarangbali” (One with unlimited power).

People who struggle to achieve success in their endeavors, People who suffer from severe health ailments,People who fear their enemies, People who desire to acquire the qualities of courage and confidence.

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