Brass Mandir Aarti Diya With Wooden Handle


Brass Aarti Diya with wooden handle is specially crafted to grace the auspicious pooja ceremonies and your homepooja Ghar/Mandir. Handcrafted with pure brass, floral shaped Aarti diya with wooden holder looks like a blossomed lotus. The round and long wooden handle facilitates easy handling during pooja and aarti. Perfect for your Pooja Ghar/Mandir, this artistic diya will leave everyone mesmerized. Premium quality brass Aarti Diya with wooden handle is artistically designed to enhance decor of any pooja and your home mandir. The convenient wooden handle allows easy movement of diya during aarti. It flaunts and extra ordinarily charming design. Place this in your living room and spread the light of elegance and charm all around.

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