Awesome Benefits Of The Parad Shiva Lingam

Parad Shiva Lingam

According to ancient Hindu texts, it is believed that apart from Parad Shiva Linga or Narmadeshwar Shiva Linga no other form of Shiva Lingam should be worshipped at home. The Parad Shivalingam, also called the Rasalingam plays a very important role in Lord Shiva’s worship. 

Paarad Shivaling is the most unique and wonderful boon gifted to the humans by the God. Everything can be had through one’s efforts but a Mantra energised, consecrated Paarad Shivaling can be obtained only when one’s fortune smiles on the person. It is a symbol of good luck and just looking at it destroys all the sins of past lives and makes the person fortunate.

Tamil Siddhas consider mercury as Shivadhatu- Shiva’s metal. Mercury is said to represent the male (Shiva) form and Sulfur used for solidification process is considered as the female form (Shakti).  A person who worships a Parad Shivalinga just once in his life surely gains Dharma (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (pleasures) and Moksh (spiritual progress).

The foremost and most revered of all Yogis, Poojya Gurudev Swami Sachidanand said that a Sadhak who places a Paarad Shivaling in his home and worships it or just has its glimpse daily becomes free of all sins and gains divine powers along with wealth, prosperity and all comforts.

A million times more fruitful is worshipping a Paarad Shivaling than worshipping a thousand Shivalings. Just looking at a Paarad Shivaling neutralises the effect of sin of killing a thousand Brahmins and cows. Touching a Paarad Shivaling without doubt makes one free of all problems and quickens one’s spiritual progress. These are the words of none other than Lord Shiva. A number of vedic references point out to the holistic benefits of Parad Shivalinga. ‘Shivnirnaya ratnakara’ states that there’s no better Shiva-linga ever made than the one made out of mercury.

Parad Shiva Lingam

Benefits of Parad Shiva Lingam:

  • Shiva lingam (Rasalingam) is the sacred symbol of union of Lord Mahadev and Maa Shakti and is considered to be auspicious for a happy married life
  • Puranas say that an individual who worships single Parad Shivlingam gets blessings equal to worshipping 108 other types of Shivalings
  • At home, Mercury Lingam it blesses with peace, unity and harmony in the family and guides its worshipper towards the spiritual path.
  • The presence of Mercury Shivaling at home is in itself considered to be cause of a meaningful life.
  • You will become more positive and motivated, which will lead to increased professional success.
  • Worship of Padrasam Shivling every day ensures that Goddess Laxmi always resides at home.
  • Parad (Rasalingam) Shivaling bestows the believer with instant good position, name and fame
  • Daily worship ensures marital harmony and spiritual bliss.
  • The good grace of Goddess Lakshmi will also favor you.

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