Why Indians Throw Coins In Holy Rivers?

The tradition of throwing coins in a holy river or spring is common. Many people think that throwing coins bring them good luck. Let’s put this tradition under a scientific radar today! In the ancient times, most of the currency used was made of copper unlike the stainless steel coins of today. Copper is a vital metal which is very useful to the human body. Water kept in copper containers is good for health.

In fact, Antimicrobial Copper and its alloys (e.g. brass and bronze) are registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as being able to kill greater than 99.9% of infection causing bacteria* within two hours of exposure. Throwing copper currency in the holy rivers was one of the ways our fore-fathers ensuring that we intake sufficient copper on daily basis. Also, copper helped settle the dust particles to the bottom, thereby making drinking water available on top. In those times water purifiers were not present and river were clean. People consumed its water for drinking and cooking. Making it a custom ensured that all of us follow the practice.

Why Indians Throw Coins

However coming to our generation, We are not using copper coins and the pollution in our days is comparatively 1000’s of times more than those days. So, Please do understand that currency made of steel does not help anybody except those people who search these coins from rivers.

So the whole idea behind this practice was to keep the river charged and make the community healthy. slowly this practice must have taken a religious colors.

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